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Powerhouse Omega Formula


Doctors SWEAR by using this “Youth In a Capsule” miracle formula for their personal heart health and longevity… yet leave their patients in the dark about this controversial substance that pharmaceutical companies hope YOU never discover…So in this Special Report I’ll reveal what this anti-aging compound is and how I personally stumbled upon its benefits completely by accident…


Dear Friend,

My name is Dr. Bill Stillwell and I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon.

Seven years ago I was forced to put down the scalpel forever because of a horrific accident.

It did NOT occur in the operating room – during my career I was the Chairman of the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Therapy at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, and Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

The accident happened in my home on May 4, 2001, when I crashed through a ten-foot ceiling while trying to stubbornly repair a leaky air conditioner.

“Well, this is it,” was my one thought right before I smashed on my hard oak floor, right on my butt, and felt a horrible electrical shock run up & down my spine like running your fingers across a piano keyboard.

I thought I was dying (and I would have, had I landed on my head)…but though stunned…I was still alive.

My left wrist and hand sliced open, both upper arms bruised so they looked like eggplants and the lancing pain shooting through my back was so severe that I couldn’t get up off the floor

My wife called the Emergency Squad and I insisted they take me to my own hospital. They had to carry me out on a body board.

I got stitched up and X-rayed in the ER. There were no fractures, so we thought it was just a soft tissue injury.

I tried to return to work after only five days, but the pain was so severe that it took me three hours to do a surgery I could normally do in half that time. I was in a cold sweat and in agony. So I took off for two weeks and went on vacation, again thinking I only had a soft tissue injury, which would heal.

But when I returned, I was still in terrible pain, even with a back brace

An MRI revealed a crush fracture in a vertebra, with blood tracking down the retroperitoneal space – the source of all the pain.

So, I got a Knight-Taylor steel-strutted brace and continued to work for the next 15 months, despite the pain. I couldn’t and didn’t take pain medication, beyond Tylenol, because it would compromise my ability to do surgery as well as my judgment.

Six months out, X-rays and a CT scan showed the vertebral body was in pieces – only a little more force from the fall and I would have had a burst fracture (think: a grenade in the spine) and would have been paralyzed.

I had been very lucky.

I lost 1 ½ inches of height when the impact crushed my spine like a Styrofoam coffee cup

Soon, post-traumatic arthritic changes led to chronic back pain. I also developed aching pain in my left knee, which lead to arthroscopic surgery in 2005.

I decided to retire from surgery, but this opened up the time for a new life path: a passion for staying as healthy and YOUNG as possible and researching the best anti-aging techniques and breakthroughs that
medicine and science has to offer.

And now it was personal. With a broken back and arthritis in my left knee, I had to implement treatments that were not only proven medically, but also worked on my own body.

How I stumbled upon the first MAJOR breakthrough:

In early 2006 I discovered and began taking fish oil for the proven heart health benefits – my father died from a cardiac event at 54-years-old and I did NOT want the
same thing happening to me.

But something strange occurred as soon as I started taking the fish oil.

I noticed the constant pain in my back and knee greatly reduced

…AND I noticed that when I skipped a dose of fish oil, both areas began to ache again.

So I did some research and discovered the amazing anti-inflammatory effects of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil and how the unusual oils don’t just benefit the heart, but possibly every system in the human body.

In Europe, fish oil is practically a requirement for pregnant and nursing women. And in Italy it’s almost considered malpractice for a doctor NOT to give fish oil to patients with heart trouble.

Other studies around the world have shown fish oil helps children with learning and boosts test scores, helps with respiratory diseases, and even helps metabolize stubborn fat and assists in weight loss!

And yet only in the United States do doctors keep their patients in the dark about this miracle formula. The pharma companies writing their paychecks wouldn’t take kindly to a natural competitor, especially one that mops the floor with their side-effect-laden drugs.

This growing body of worldwide scientific evidence, along with the startling results I have personally felt and witnessed, is why I wouldn’t go a day without fish oil in my system. As soon as I start missing doses, my joints ache, especially my broken back and the arthritis I have in my left knee. And my body begins to feel rundown in general.

This is because:

Our bodies are BUILT to use omega-3 fatty acids to revitalize our cells every single day of our lives – going one day without them is a crime against your health and vitality

Think of your entire body and brain as though it were a car’s engine. You have gas (food) but you also need clean oil. Dirty oil will slowly but surely ruin your engine until it breaks down.

And just like a car’s engine is built to use oil, your body was built to use the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. Without it, your skin…joints…heart…and even your brain…break down.

In fact, a study performed by researchers in the Louisiana State University Neuroscience Center of Excellence shows that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Which isn’t surprising because:

30% of your BRAIN is the same kind of fatty acid found in fish oil!

Is it any wonder these omega-3 fatty acids are so essential to your health and vitality?

There is ONE catch…

And that is the QUALITY of the fish oil itself.

I’m sure you’ve heard about mercury poisoning, and how the FDA now advises limitations to the amount of fish products young children and pregnant women consume. And as I always say in the medical community, “Where there’s smoke…there’s fire”.

Which is why I don’t recommend that ANYONE eat large amounts of fish, seafood, or supplement their diet with any store-bought, low-quality fish oil.

What your body needs is all the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids…in the purest, most powerful form available…with zero health risk from contaminants.

And today I’m proud to say I have such a source available, and it’s called Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula.

Here are the facts:

The oil in Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula

is extracted only from Non-GMO fresh, deep sea, wild-caught sardines and anchovies in the arctic waters of Norway.

These two species of fish were chosen specifically because they are low on the food chain, which means they have a smaller chance of being contaminated with mercury, PCBs, lead, and cadmium.

Not only that, but for the ultimate standard of purity, Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula goes through an advanced molecular distillation process using temperature-controlled vacuum technology, delivering the highest pharmaceutical-grade fish oil available.

In other words…

This is the PUREST and most POWERFUL fish oil available on the planet

Which is why Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula will deliver the following benefits to YOU:

Reduces your chance of heart attack as much as regular exercise!
Reduces your triglyceride levels (which means Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula is ESSENTIAL if you enjoy red meat)
Reduces your morning stiffness and joint pain
Reduces your blood pressure without the side-effects of prescription drugs
Reduces inflammation throughout your body

Those are the documented benefits from the steadfastly skeptical medical journals in the United States I’ve studied and contributed to.

However, what’s even more amazing are the countless other benefits reported worldwide from thousands and thousands of health-conscious people lucky enough to have this miracle treatment.

Such as:

Improved skin appearance
More energy throughout the day
Reduction in joint pain, especially morning joint pain and stiffness
Better sleep (Including a more restful sleep and less sleep time required)
Better mental focus and improved brain power
Increased muscle strength
Decreases in body fat
Improved sex drive and performance
Pain relief (including relief from rheumatoid arthritis)
Reduced negative effects from smoking
Reduced risk of the development of Type 1 Diabetes in children
Reduced appetite (this is HUGE – you might find yourself losing fat with literally no other changes in your diet or lifestyle)
Improved learning rate among children

…And virtually every other single other sought-after benefit of YOUTH.

ALL of these amazing benefits can be YOURS…just by taking a simple capsule

Father Time is a relentless bastard. He’s eating away at you right now – aging never gives up.

But now you have the privilege to do everything in your power to STOP the aging process as much as you can.

Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula is like a daily sucker-punch right to Father Time’s gut.

BEYOND pharmaceutical-grade

Not only is Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula independently tested and verified to the highest worldwide standards of pharmaceutical purity, it is completely free of wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, dairy products, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula also comes in a pleasant-smelling, USP enteric coated softgel for maximum absorption into the body.

This is the secret weapon you use to replenish your body throughout the day and night. And you don’t have to DO anything other than make sure your system is constantly supplied with the pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids – so that every cell in your body is revitalized from the inside out. Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula is the formula that the anti-aging community has been searching for.

There is one DRAWBACK, however…

With all great and worthwhile things, there is a price that must be paid.

And the catch here is simple: it is NOT cheap. But then again, would you really expect it to be? Quality is never cheap.

Only available to a select few

The costs involved in the formulation of something like this are very real and cannot be avoided. My formula is held to the highest standards of pharmaceutical-grade supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids are taken only from the purest and most potent sources available on the planet and gently and thoroughly filtered of any and all contaminants.

Because of this, Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula is only available to a select few – those who know that HEALTH is one of their greatest priorities in life.

Are you content to be average?

I never skimp on investing in my health and well-being. And I assume you don’t either. After all – more money can always be made. But you only get ONE body in this lifetime. HEALTH is truly the greatest WEALTH.

All the money in the world is totally meaningless if you are tired, weak, and have joint pain.

All the money in the world is totally meaningless if you are depressed and constantly getting sick from a weak immune system.

And all the money in the world is totally meaningless if you’re terrified of having a heart attack just around the corner.

These problems aren’t just going to disappear on their own. The older you get, the worse they get – and the more you age, faster than you have to…

…Unless you take action and DO something. Just thinking about it won’t work. You have to give your body the vital nutrients it craves.

This is an investment you have EARNED

It’s about time – you deserve the privilege of strengthening your joints, enhancing your heart-health, and battling the aging process like never before.

The way I see it, Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula is your ticket to FIGHTING BACK against “the natural way”. Humans were designed to reproduce…raise children…and then just die off…

…I say to heck with that.

And if you agree with me, then this formula is FOR YOU.

Imagine this for just a moment…

You get an exclusive supply of Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula for yourself. You begin taking the capsules every day.

In as little as 24 hours, you realize that nagging joint pain you had IS GONE.

A few days after that, you notice an increase in energy. Not some caffeine-like “high”, just the smooth feeling of a healthier body that’s functioning like it finally has what it needs to stay as young as possible.

Within seven short days you’ll know for sure you made the right choice.

And then after a couple weeks your friends, family, and associates will start noticing something different about you.

Why? Because there’s going to be something about you, something subtle yet PROFOUND, that says to the world you are radiating vitality and health.

Get ready for some envious stares and remarks from people you know

Did you know heart problems can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars even if you have insurance? Assuming you survive?

A good friend of mine, Sean, ended up paying $350,000.00 in 2008 for all the heart care and procedures he went through during his second and third heart attacks, both of which almost cost him his life.

Luckily for him, he had the money to withstand certain financial ruin. In addition to having to pay out that huge sum, he couldn’t work for four and a half months. Think about that financial outlay when no money is coming in.

Many times that financial burden alone will exacerbate a heart attack. It makes it triply hard to recover, and many times it forces people to return to work well before they are ready, which can be catastrophic.

Not once during Sean’s cardiac history, which began with his first heart attack in 2003, did any cardiologist involved in his care suggest that he take fish oil. When I mentioned fish oil to him in May last year, and what it could do for him, he was dumbfounded.

“Why didn’t any of my cardiologists tell me about this if they knew it would help?”

He went on to say quite a few more things, all of which are too “colorful” to print.

But the bottom line is this: He’s been on Dr. Bills Powerhouse Omega Formula ever since, and all his numbers are much lower than they were previously.

Recently he told me over the phone, “Dr. Bill, I would have given up $10,000 just to have this stuff available to me years ago.”

I am immensely grateful that my product means so much to him today. And the great thing is he doesn’t have to pay $10,000 and neither do you.

Not even $5,000…

No, not even $2,000 or $1,000.

Or even $100!

You can have your own monthly supply of Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula for just $69.95 – that‘s 120 capsules with a full 1,400 mg of fish oil concentrate each. Taken as directed, this will give you a power-packed 1,800 mg of EPA and 1,320 mg of DHA omega 3 fatty acids per day.

And if you are one of the first 50 people to order, you’ll receive FREE ENROLLMENT into my exclusive membership program where you’ll qualify to receive a discount on all your future bottles of Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula. And so you don’t go a day without the pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids in your system – replenishing and revitalizing every cell in your body – you’ll automatically receive a fresh bottle every 30 days for the low member price of $59.95 plus shipping and handling. And you can cancel at any time.

Remember that it’s not too late. It’s NEVER too late. Today is the day to get started and flood your body with this secret weapon for heart health and total-body health. You’re going to be amazed at just how profound the benefits are.

Just click the button below to reserve a supply for yourself.

To Your Health and Longevity

Dr. Bill Signature

William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.

The Wellness Warrior

5 Good Reasons To Buy

1. You will reduce your risk of death from a heart attack.

2. Your dangerous triglycerides will drop to healthier levels.

3.You will relieve chronic joint pain.

4. You’ll look and feel 20 years younger.

5. Your brain function and mood will improve.

P.S. You might be wondering about “fish burps” which are very common with other fish oil supplements.

Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula comes in an enteric-coated capsule which delays its digestion until it’s in the intestines. This means easier digestion, better absorption and virtually no nasty fish burps.

Low-quality fish oil pills have a simple clear coating, so you can see the oil floating around inside. That means you have a lesser quality capsule and need to switch to the enteric-coated Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula.

Our capsules are cloudy, not clear – that’s proof of our special enteric coating that makes Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula the best pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fish oil concentrate available.

This way you’ll know you’re getting the very BEST form of this substance which just days from now can be YOUR secret weapon for heart health, a more youthful appearance, and a body that functions like it’s 20 years younger. Click here to order.

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