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Heart Charging Formula

Known as “Ubiquinone” to anti-aging insiders, this coenzyme plays a key role in producing energy in your cells – especially the cells of your heart muscles – and medical studies have proven lower levels of this substance correlate with a greater risk of HEART FAILURE (Especially if you take medication for your cholesterol)…

Dear Friend,

Do you know what the most powerful ENERGY-boosting antioxidant on the planet is?



Green tea?


…No, no, no…and no.

None of these, or any other exotic fruit or berry you’ve heard of, can possibly compare to the heart-recharging and energy-enhancing power of:

The enzyme Ubiquinone…otherwise known as CoQ10.

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Stillwell, orthopaedic surgeon and baby boomer. Let me tell you, there’s a reason that CoQ10 is also known as Ubiquinone:

It’s essential to your body’s…

…well actually it’s essential to EVERYTHING.

Every cell in your body.

Every organ.

And your most vital function: ENERGY.

In fact, the right kind of CoQ10…

Delivers the kind of anti-aging power you can FEEL

It’s a shame most people resign themselves to feeling more tired and rundown as they get older.

You’ve never been told the SECRET…that:


Your tiredness


Your feelings of being “run down”


Your slowing down with age

…Can be greatly alleviated (and even eliminated) simply by supplying your body with the levels of CoQ10 you had when you were younger!

Which is why with the (proper) form of CoQ10, men and women in their:





even 80’s and 90’s

…Report feeling a subtle (but powerful) feeling of youthful ENERGY that’s not quite like anything else.

There’s just one problem:

Levels of this vital substance DROP as you get older

Levels of CoQ10 have been scientifically proven to correlate with two things: Heart failure (more on that later) and AGING.

The older you get, the lower your levels plummet. And your body becomes more inefficient at producing its own.

As if that weren’t bad enough, if you take any of the following…















even Red Yeast Rice.

…then here’s something your doctor probably DIDN’T tell you:

These medications BLOCK the enzyme that creates your body’s own CoQ10 – which causes your blood levels to plunge.

So supplementing your diet with the right form of CoQ10 is…

MANDATORY if you take medication for cholesterol

Especially considering…

Low levels of CoQ10 are correlated with heart failure

It doesn’t get more clear-cut than this: Studies have shown that men and women who have cardiac failure (congestive heart failure, or CHF) had low blood and tissue levels of CoQ10

Not only that, but the SEVERITY of the heart failure correlated with the severity of the CoQ10 DEFICIENCY.

…Legally I can’t state any definite conclusions from this. But I invite you to do the math on those study results. I have. Which is why I personally supplement my diet with a certain kind of CoQ10 every day.

Why do I say “a certain kind”?

Because there’s a CATCH to supplementing with regular CoQ10 – which is widely available on the market today:

Your body can’t absorb it!

That’s the dirty little secret why most people will “try” CoQ10…and not experience any benefits.

Sure, the pills they’re taking are entering their body…but the CoQ10 just goes to waste.

In order for CoQ10 to effectively strengthen your heart and increase your energy levels, it needs a delivery mechanism that’s:


Has no chemical solvents

Lipid-stabilized to prevent recrystallization.

Composed of a single molecule formula to enhance absorption

Titanium Dioxide-free

And 100% backed by a full clinical study done on humans (try finding that elsewhere)

This formula also undergoes a patent-pending formulation utilizing three lipids to aid in dissolving CoQ10, preventing any recrystallization of CoQ10, and further enhancing absorption.

Because of the heart health-enhancing and energy recharging benefits, I call this one-of-a-kind CoQ10 formulation: Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula.

Show me the data

So will the patent-pending formulation really make a difference in your health and energy?

Yes it will:

An IRB-approved double-blind, randomized clinical trial tested the absorption of the CoQ10 in Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula on 20 people for 28 days.

Within 36 hours this clinical trial PROVED that absorption rates for Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula were 783% higher than regular CoQ10 powder

Several other popular variations of CoQ10 were also tested (including oil-based and “nano”-dispersed brands and Ubiquinol) and the conclusion was:

Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula contains the most highly absorbed, bioavailable CoQ10 on the planet

…This didn’t surprise me. I’m only interested in the best…otherwise it wouldn’t truly be Dr. Bill’s.

VERY Different From Fish Oil

I realize that this formula sounds a lot like fish oil – especially the near-miraculous heart-health properties.

However, this is COMPLETELY different. The pathways through which Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula operate are 100% separate from fish oil and do not overlap.

…Which means you can take Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula AND fish oil while still receiving maximum benefits from both. One does not cancel the other out and one does not make the other any less needed or beneficial.

In fact I ENCOURAGE you take this with my Dr. Bill’s Powerhouse Omega Formula for a one-two knockout punch that will leave your body humming with vitality and health. It would be akin to not just having iron-horse-tough LOCKS to protect your home…but a first-rate alarm security system to go along with it. Some might call it overkill but I call it safety, ultimate protection, and sublime peace of mind.

Face it, the only reason you’re even reading this right now is because you want MORE than just “some” help battling your aging as much as you can.

You want the MOST and you want the BEST. And that’s all I’m interested in delivering to you

The best part is, you don’t have to “think positive” or put in any great effort to receive the benefits. The simple capsule does all this for you. Just make sure you have a constant supply and you are all set.

One month’s supply of Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula will supply you with up to 200mg of CoQ10 per day (which has been PROVEN to be 783% more highly absorbed into the human body than regular CoQ10 powder) and the investment is $79.95 plus S&H. *Note: On the order page I have a special discount offer*

So if you’re at all interested in increasing your energy levels and feeling good all day, and giving your heart the vital enzymes that have been draining from your body over the years, click the button below and I’ll rush your own personal supply of Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula straight to you.

Dr. Bill Signature

William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.

The Wellness Warrior

P.S. Remember, this enzyme is VITAL to your heart health and energy levels, and your levels DROP as you age. Less than 7 days from now, Dr. Bill’s Heart Charging Formula can REVERSE this process and restore the energy levels and heart strength the younger you had.

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