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Welcome to Dr Bill’s Formulas

Hi!  I’m Dr. Bill Stillwell, physician, orthopaedic surgeon, author, educator, health coach and advisor.

Thanks for stopping by Dr. Bill’s Formulas, your one-stop resource for health tips, special reports, books, and pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements.

What does pharmaceutical grade mean when it comes to nutritional supplements?

Those are the supplements that have undergone stringent purification processes and passed rigorous certification tests and procedures, to ensure that all products offered meet or exceed international standards of quality and purity – normally available only through a physician’s office. If the label doesn’t SAY “Pharmaceutical Grade . . . it isn’t.

Here at Dr. Bill’s Formulas, you have access to a virtual “extended medical office” and the best premiumpharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements available on the Internet.

It’s also your introduction to the world of natural health, with recommendations and measures you can use, and methods that you can immediately put into action to . . .

Improve your overall condition
Boost your immune system
Turn back the hands of time
Reduce your risk of disease, and
Increase your energy and vitality.

With our advice as a foundation, the proper exercise, the right diet, and the appropriate high quality supplements, you can live longer, younger, sexier, happier and healthier.

My goal is to provide you with the best cutting edge information and nutritional resources for your optimal health, happiness and longevity.

I want to help you to “Live long and prosper,” to coin a phrase.

In addition, I can help to coach you to the best YOU that you can become, with teleclass programs designed with your needs in mind.

Whether it’s weight loss, managing joint pain, or chronic disease, you can have effective coaching from a highly qualified, well respected, real physician, with first rate mainstream credentials and over a quarter century of clinical experience – plus a grounding in natural and alternative methods – as your personal guide around the pitfalls and often confusing and contradictory waters of modern health care.

I believe in using whatever works to get you the pain relief you need, the optimal health you deserve and help you attain the health care goals you set for the rest of your life.

So, please look around, sign up to get our FREE newsletter chock full of health care tips, answers to your questions, and  witty commentary on topics that impact you and yours.

Welcome to the family!  I’m really glad you’re here.With my very best wishes for your optimal health,

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William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.
The Wellness Warrior

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